Young People at Sunday Worship

For Young People

All members of our Church Family are invited to attend Sunday Worship.  After the Call to Worship, the opening hymn and a prayer, we have Family Time, specifically for the younger members.  They can then leave, as follows :-


Babies and toddlers can be taken to the crèche in the Mary Slessor (just follow the others!)  The crèche is supervised, so parents can return to church for the rest of the service.  The children are brought back during the final hymn.


Jigsaw is for children from 3 years to P6.  After Family Time they are taken to the Elisabeth Elliot where they have fun with craft activities, playing games and singing.  They can be collected after the Service (the Elisabeth Elliot is where tea and coffee are served after Worship).

The children of Jigsaw take part in various Family Days and whole-church activities throughout the year.  We'll let you know of anything special before it happens.


EPIC is for youngsters from P7 to S3.  After Family Time they leave for games, food, God-stuff, drama, projects, etc. in the Eric Liddell.


Crossover is for youngsters from S4 up.  They meet in church on Sundays, usually sitting on the far side from the entrance.  After Family Time they leave for activities in the Gladys Aylward.

In addition, they meet regularly for a meal and discussion time.  This is worked round their availability/other commitments, so the evenings when these meetings take place can change.

EPIC and Crossover will get together for Fun Days and fundraising events during the year, and usually organise their own contribution to events such as the Summer and Christmas Fayres.

Sunday Club

Jigsaw operates during the school session.  When the local schools are on holiday we operate a Sunday Club.  The children come to church and leave after Family Time, as usual, and are taken to the Elisabeth Elliot for games.


Click here for The Boys' Brigade

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